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Charity Fundraising at TASIS England Summer Programs
Posted 11/01/2017 11:00AM

Charity Fundraising at TASIS England Summer Programs

Each summer students of over 35 different nationalities attend the summer programs held on the Thorpe campus of TASIS The American School in England. This past summer, the students participating in the International Business course raised a total of £1,300 by selling handmade products to their teachers and fellow students.

The students elected to donate the money to POD Children’s Charity. This nationwide charity aims to bring magic, fun, and laughter into the lives of children in hospitals and hospices. Its magicians, puppeteers, musicians, and clowns provide shows or visits to the children’s bedsides to entertain them.

Nearly 30 students were involved in the project, putting into practice many of the lessons learned in their International Business classes. They worked incredibly hard, not only making and preparing the products, but also putting together a business plan that included an advertising campaign, financial plan, and marketing strategy.

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